Book Planning

You have a book in mind but you’re not sure how to get started. I can help you with:

  • Conceiving the topic.
  • Planning the overall structure.
  • Developing an outline.
  • Coaching during the writing process.


You’ve put a lot of work and energy into the manuscript. You want to make sure it is as fabulous as it can be.

I can help you edit your manuscript regardless of where you are in the process:

Developmental Editing

  • I help with the organization of the text itself.
  • Usually after the manuscript has been started.
  • Structuring the text or revising it as required.
  • Review copy for grammar, clarity, and consistency, as well as structural issues such as plot holes.

Line Editing

  • Improving the text itself – reviewing paragraph by paragraph.
  • Watch for word choice / usage, point of view / tense, descriptive inconsistencies.

Copy Editing

  • Line by line edit – in depth.
  • Check for spelling, grammar, capitalization, word usage and repetition, dialogue indicators, consistency in use of numbers or numerals.
  • Correct point of view or tense shifts.
  • Identify awkward wording.
  • Remove any redundancy, add anything that is missing, clarify any inconsistencies (character descriptions, for example).


  • Add / modify any formatting including typography, font-size, spacing, headings, quotes, call-outs, alignment and margins, indents, and so on.
  • Ensures formatting consistency in the manuscript so you don’t have to pay to have the interior design redone or tweaked.

Beta Reader

  • I can read your book as a fresh set of eyes and provide feedback from the point of view of a reader.


  • The last check before you send it to the interior designer. Check for typos, punctuation, grammar, consistency in spelling
  • After you have your interior design complete and want a final set of eyes to catch super last minute things with layout and editing.


  • This can start anywhere in the process – from a concept to completion.
  • Where I would write your book, speech, article, or other text items for you.
  • Officially credited to you. (Though I would never refuse being listed as a contributor.)

Websites / Blogs

  • Full website design and layout.
  • Tweaking CSS to make changes to templates.
  • I can tutor you to enable you to set up a basic informational website and/or blog.