Struggling with planning or writing your book?

Everyone has a story inside of them. Sometimes, it’s hard for people to get their thoughts organized and into a format that they can use.

I can help with this! As a published author, I have worked through the process from beginning to end.


I needed editing for my first book, Life, Hope, and Forgiveness, because English isn’t my first language, and I wanted my book to be understood. I chose Dawn from three editors and I am happy I’ve done it. She was amazing, and she took time to listen to me, every time I needed to explain my thoughts. My book is how I dreamt to be, and one month after I published it, I received an award, Best Book Fest Awards, as a finalist. This wouldn’t be possible without Dawn’s precious work. I don’t have enough words to thank you, Dawn. I highly recommend her editing.

Daciana Crabbe, Author

“Dawn did an amazing editing job on my manuscript Days of Fire: Battles for Freedom. She went over the top, giving me 5-star service. I am forever thankful, and highly recommend her services.”

– Nancy Huber, Author

I initially contacted Dawn to exchange endorsements on each other’s parenting books.  She went ahead and did a copy and line edit of my entire manuscript.  While I did not integrate all of her feedback into my book, the majority of it was helpful in assisting me to publish a professional and well-written book entitled Life as a mother: From the Diamonds to the Dirt of Motherhood.”

– Chantelle Lambert, Author

“Dawn has been the editor of The Busy Signal, the quarterly newsletter of Unifor Local 1-S, for over 7 years (2012 – present).  Part of that job is writing content herself and some of it is editing other people’s content, including my own.  

I find Dawn to be thorough in her writing and editing abilities.  Her communications are extensively researched and well written.

Since the initial ask of the newsletter creation and editing, Dawn has also assisted in revamping meeting minutes, assisting with Strike Committee communication and bringing our website content up-to-date. “

– Dave Kuntz, President, Unifor Local 1-S

“Dawn has been assisting the SaskTel Pioneers with our website since 2006.  While her work is done in a volunteer capacity, it is quality, professional work.  Whether it’s working with our hosting provider or gathering information from the people we serve, Dawn is willing to listen and work with people to ensure we communicate information in a timely and relevant manner.

Since the initial ask of her revamping our website with the assistance of two other Pioneer members, Dawn has continued as webmaster – changing content as required. She ensures that outdated content is removed or updated.”

Darrell Liebrecht, Director, SaskTel Pioneers