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A pdf copy of The Path to Perfection: Parenting without a roadmap: tales from a (non) perfect parent.

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If Perfection were an actual place, like a city or town, would there be one clearly marked exit on the road there? One that would result in you winding up in a specific location with a plethora of other perfect parents? Would this Path to Perfection be smooth and straight? Or would it be curvy, bumpy, and fraught with detours? More importantly, would anyone actually be there when (or if) you arrived?

Join author, Dawn Thomas-Cameron, as she explores the answers to these questions and more! As a (non) perfect parent of three children ranging in age from three years to 23 years, Dawn is still continuing her journey along her Path to Perfection. With such a range of ages in her children, Dawn’s parenting method morphed and changed over time. This book is a compilation of stories from her life experience.

The Path to Perfection is broken into three main sections: Things That Could Have Been Done Differently, Things I Handled Like a Rock Star! and Pearls of Wisdom. This book is sure to evoke your emotions as you travel along your Path to Perfection.

Editor of The Art of Being Alive (written by her late husband, Jason Cameron), Dawn has written various short stories, articles, blog articles and is currently the editor of The Busy Signal, Unifor Local 1-S’s award winning newsletter. She won an award with Young People’s Press for her short story, Fleeing Gerald. She resides in Canada with her children.


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